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Lightning-Fast Trade Execution

Order Execution

TradeStation Network offers reliable, lightning-fast order execution and price-improvement opportunities for individual and institutional clients alike.

Split-Second Execution

TradeStation allows you to place, modify and execute trades with extraordinary speed and precision.

Our technologically advanced data centers, co-located in the New York/New Jersey and Chicago Metro financial hubs, are ideally positioned to help you access market liquidity quickly. We offer direct market access using thorough dedicated, high-bandwidth, low-latency connections so that your trade is filled faster.

Exceptional Reliability

We’re fully committed to providing a system designed to deliver outstanding reliability.

TradeStation relentlessly pursues our goal of 100 percent uptime – from the design and implementation of our systems to the personnel who monitor them. All of our hardware, software and network systems are scalable and feature built-in redundancy with proprietary fail-over and back-up systems in place to take over in the event of a problem.

More Access To Liquidity, Better Fills

Our intelligent order router connects you to market liquidity to provide best execution.

We directly connect to dozens of exchanges, ECNs, ATSs, ELPs and financial institutions to give you access to enhanced market liquidity. Providing access to major Dark Pool, ATS and ELP liquidity increases your opportunities to get better fills.

Connect Any Time, from Anywhere.

If you’re able to connect to the Internet, then you’re able to connect to TradeStation – at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Take your trading to the next level –